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The DigEnder guys were interviewed by Michael King the Cajun Contractor on Sat, Aug 30, 2014 at 9AM Central Time.  You can listen to a podcast over the internet or download the show.  Find the interview at The Cajun Contrator's website,     The radio show is the #1 most listened to and downloaded Home Improvement radio show nationally, and is heard worldwide, with 3.3 million estimated listeners.

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DigEnders Simply Make Life Easier
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The all new DigEnder is a time and work saving
maintenance enclosure for pop-up lawn sprinklers
that can reduce total repair time from 30 or
more minutes to as little as 5 minutes

Why do DigEnder users love them?  Simply because it makes replacing a damaged sprinkler head as easy as changing a light bulb.  The constant maintenance of pop-up sprinkler heads can be a real pain in terms of time and frustration.  What owner of a lawn irrigation system has not lamented each new problem that occurs with a malfunctioning or broken sprinkler head?  And then faced with the messy and time consuming job of repairing the problem wailed, "If only there was something that would put an end to having to dig and then refill these holes with dirt over and over".  Putting an end to that annoyance is exactly what inspired the development of the DigEnder.

Quite simply, the DigEnder is the cost effective solution to end the frustration.


Install DigEnders At Anytime

The DigEnder can be installed at the time the irrigation system is installed of course. But don't overlook the great opportunity of installing an enclosure when action needs to be taken to repair a head. It makes great sense to install the DigEnder when you have a hole already dug to repair a malfunctioning popup sprinkler head. After all, why fill that hole with dirt again? In fact, it was this very dilemma of continually having to refill and re-dig holes that was the inspiration for the development of the DigEnder.  It was the wail of, "If only there was something that would put an end to having to refill these holes with dirt over and over". Install the enclosure for that head, and end dig­ging once and for all, at least for that one. It may take a few more minutes than simply refilling the hole with dirt, but the upside is that you are all set to easily deal with any future issues with that head. For this reason, it is beneficial to always have a few extra DigEnder sets on hand.

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