DigEnders are normally sold assembled and ready to be put into the ground,
but can also be purchased as the component parts unassembled.  Unassembled
DigEnders reduce shipping costs as they take up less space.

Watch this video that shows the quick and easy assembly of the DigEnder parts


The Top Cap
is adaptable to accept a wide variety of   pop-up sprinkler heads.  The bodies of different models of sprinkler heads from different manufacturers vary in diameter.  The DigEnder top cap was designed to handle these variances by way of punch out rings.  The user determines the diameter of the body of sprinkler head chosen, then cuts out the ring that best fits that diameter.  The image shows the exact diameters of the rings in hundredths of an inch.

• The Top Cap is designed with a dirt guard to help prevent dirt and debris falling into the enclosure when the DigEnder cap is removed for maintenance.  After the top turf is removed, dirt is cleared out to the edge of the dirt guard.  Since the dirt guard circumference is wider than that of the enclosure, the risk of debris falling into the open enclosure is significantly reduced.

• Note the score line on the dirt guard.  The purpose of this is to allow the DigEnder to be installed closer to walkways and driveways where the water supply lines are installed very close to the pavement edge.  Where this is the case, the dirt guard can be broken or cut off at the score line to allow it to be in closer proximity to the pavement.

• Note the scalloped inner wall on the inside of the Top Cap.  This makes it much easier to place the top cap in position by snagging a high point of the scallops on the inside of the cylinder walls.

The Bottom Cap is adaptable for either 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch riser pipes.  Simply cut / punch out inner ring to accommodate 3/4 inch riser pipes.

• Note that the Bottom Cap has a screened opening that allows water to drain out of the enclosure while at the same time preventing grubs and worms from taking up residence in the DigEnder enclosure.
The Cylinder Half The unique patented design of the Cylinder Half is the feature of the DigEnder that resolves the issue of varying water supply line depths.  The design allows installers and homeowners to custom fit the enclosure to the depth of the water supply line.

• The Cylinder Halves are produced with an extremely tough and durable PVC.

• Note that the design of the Cylinder Half incorporates an inside joggle along the length of one edge and an outside joggle along the length of the other edge.  The purpose of this is that when any two sections of equal length are reversed to face each other, the inside joggles and outside joggles of the cylinder halves interface to form a smooth walled cylinder.

• The design of the Cylinder Half serves another very important purpose.  That is that half cylinders allow for nesting of the parts, a feature which consumes far less space than do full cylinder pipes, when it comes to transport on installers trucks as well as on retail shelves.

• The Cylinder Halves are manufactured in four foot lengths, but are also available in 1 foot and 6 inch lengths.

• To assist with measurement, the cylinder halves are manufactured with one inch increment markings.



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