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Understanding DigEnder Sets
Unassembled or

The DigEnder,is comprised of a set that includes a Top Cap, a Bottom Cap and two Cylinder HalvesDigEnder can be purchased assembled or unassembled.  The primary difference is in the cost of shipping when ordered.  Obviously more units of unassembled sets can be packed into a given space than assembled units.  This is the primary reason that the DigEnder is designed with cylinder halves instead of full cylinders.

The DigEnder Package


In order to make DigEnder installation as simple and intuitive as possible, it is based upon the concept of a uniform package regardless of sprinkler head size.  What do we mean by a uniform DigEnder Package?  Very simply it is visualized as an assembled DigEnder set with the appropriate sprinkler head inserted into the top cap and the connector to the water line screwed through the DigEnder Bottom Cap and into the bottom of the sprinkler head itself.  Of course that last part, the connector is actually in the ground as part of the water line.

The concept of the DigEnder Package is to assure uniformity of the proximity of the sprinkler head inlet to the opening in the Bottom Cap.  Images below show sprinkler head threaded inlet in close proximity to Bottom Cap as well as the water supply outlet connector screwed through the bottom of the Bottom Cap into the threaded inlet.  [Place cursor over image to see description]

  Sprinkler Head Inlet viewed through bottom of Bottom Cap   Showing Sprinkler Head Screwed into Riser Through Bottom Cap

In cases where the connection to the water line is by way of a Tee / riser arrangement (as opposed to a swing joint), If a long riser is required to have the sprinkler head at the proper height, the DigEnder will want to slide down to rest on the TEE.  This is not the correct position.  The DigEnder should be held up to where it stops at the head of the sprinkler, and then the dirt should be filled in underneath the DigEnder Bottom Cap so that this highest position is supported by the dirt fill.

The DigEnder set includes only the DigEnder compnents (Top Cap, Bottom Cap and Cylinder Halves).

Installation a snap with the uniform DigEnder Package

The uniform DigEnder package concept greatly simplifies installation, regardless of whether it's installed on a water line with a straight up Tee, or one with a swing joint aarrangement.  All the user needs to do is select the right size DigEnder set (easily done by referring to the Sprinkler Head Matching Chart we have provided).  From there, the user sticks the sprinkler head he is using through the hole in the Top Cap of the DigEnder.  Now he is ready to screw the whole package unto the connection to the water line.  Installation is that simple, other than filling in the hole and replacing turf.

 DigEnders are available in case lots of its component parts.  Case lots, with bundles of the 4 ft length Cylinder Halves (or pre-cut lengths of Cylinder Halves) can be most useful for the landscape professionals.  In irrigation supply stores and some hardware stores, DigEnder sets would normally be displayed according to our Sprinkler Head Matching Chart, either pre-assembled or unassembled, thereby making it very easy for the customer to know which set to buy.

The pre-assembled units may be preferable for the homeowner installing one or two DigEnders.  He can keep these on hand (in his gardening shed) and save the time of assembling DigEnders when the need arises.

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DigEnder end cap display in Do It BEST Hardware Store


DigEnder end cap display in True Value Hardware Store

Display shows DigEnder Sets A,B,C,D with the variations of
swing joint and Tee/riser connection to the water supply line


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